Rare Vaseline Hacks for dummies 🖤

Rare Vaseline Hacks for Dummies 🖤

Hey beauties,

  • A small tub of this magical petroleum jelly (a.k.a Vaseline) can be used in a lot of other ways than a normal lip balm.These are a few of my favorite Vaseline Hacks!!

1)Vaseline as a face highlight:
A good highlight gives your face a young and dewy look,but buying a good highlighter from a nice brand might end up burning a giant hole in your pocket. So for all those broke beauties out there I've got your back. Take some Vaseline on your finger and apply it on the high points of your cheek,the brow bone,the tip of your nose and on the cupids bow. This gives your face a subtle and healthy glow.

2)Vaseline as a brow gel:
All of us have gone through those days when our eyebrows decide to go against gravity and stick out in different directions, so on days like that take some Vaseline in the tip of your finger and go through your eyebrows this helps in taming them and also helps them grow.

3)Vaseline as a hair serum:
Frizzy hair is nobody's best friend an in order to get rid of frizzy hair without investing in an expensive serum,take some Vaseline and rub it in your palms and then use it on the tips of your hair.This not only helps in taming your frizz but it also gives your hair a healthy shine.

4)Vaseline as a make-up remover:
A good makeup remover is every girl's necessity and these liquids can be quite expensive and some might not even succeed in removing all the layers of foundation and concealer on your face. So those of you who require a good makeup remover can simply take some generous amount of Vaseline in a cotton swab and rub it in circular motion on your face,now wash your face using your regular soap and taddaa your face is now fresh and clean with no trace of makeup.

5)Vaseline as a moisturizer:
Dry and flaky elbows can be a real pain and a quick way to fix this is by applying a generous amount of Vaseline on your elbows and taddaa your elbows are now as soft as a baby's bottom.


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