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Yearly Favorites 🌸 :-

Yearly Favorites 🌸 :-

Hello my angels!! 
2016 has been like a giant roller coaster ride for me, with lots of ups and downs but nevertheless I did enjoy it. I also went ahead and tried a lot of new things in terms of makeup, skin and hair care products and here's a list of the things that I've been loving lately. 

1)Maybelline gel liner :-

This hands down has to be the best liner I've ever used. The thin brush tip makes the application easy and the pigmentation of the liner is jet black which is amazing. It lasts for around 5 to 6 hours (max) and true to its claims, the product is water resistant, but it can be a real pain when you try to remove your makeup. So if you are buying this product then do buy a make-up remover along with it or even Vaseline will do. It retails for Rs.500 and I got mine from nykaa during the sale time. Overall I loved this product and it definitely gets a full 5 on 5 stars from me.

2)Soap and glory lipstick:-

I loved the shade “cinnamon beige ”…

The wedding season - 01

The wedding season -01

Hello my angels!!
 December is that time of the year when every second person I know decides to get married but this time it's my sister's wedding and I'm super excited to blog about what I wore to each and every function and all the fun begins with "The engagement party ”.

One can never go wrong with wearing a wondrous Anarkali to any Indian party. So, I wore a beautiful green and white Anarkali with hints of gold detailing on the top and I got it from a boutique named Kayal just a few hours before the function (talk about last minute shopping) ;)


I personally feel that for the engagement party not much of hairstyling is required, so, I let my hair in its natural state with a twist braid in the front. 
Makeup :-

In terms of makeup a nice smokey eye with a mild lip tint and a tad bit of contour was all that I did because I wanted to save the dramatic look for the reception;) 
Jewellery :-

I felt that the grandeur of the Anarkali was…