Easy ways to look stylish on a budget🖤

Easy ways to look stylish on
a Budget 🖤 :- 
Life is too short to wear boring clothes right?? But not all of us are Kim K to buy whatever we like, so here's some quick tips and tricks that can help boost your fashion quotient without burning a giant hole in your pocket.

1) Hair:-
      One of the easiest ways to add some spice into your look is by changing the way you style your hair. So on days when you're up before the alarm goes off, try curling or straightening those beautiful tresses and pull them into a low bun or ponytail.

2) Makeup :-
        In terms of makeup “Less is more” so try and bring in some drama with a bold liner or lipstick ( depending on the occasion and the outfit).

3) Footwear:-
          Wearing the right kind of shoes/ heels ups your style quotient in a matter of seconds. Therefore on days when you decide to go plain with your outfit try and add some quirk to the look by pairing it up with some really cool pair of shoes or heels.

4) Accessories:-
           Accessorizing is the gospel when it comes to looking stylish on a budget. I personally love to add a piece of statement jewellery (Earrings/Rings/Necklace/bangles) to any outfit that I wear.

5) Confidence :-
           Confidence is all the accessory that one needs in order to jazz up their look. So as girls we should love ourselves (not in the self-obsessed way)  and be confident and comfortable in our own skin.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and can use these tips and tricks to jazz up your look in the future.


  1. absolutely in love with this blog !! the clarity is great and i love the fact that its 'to the point' and not draggy. you know you did the right thing because you know how much i need tips !! xoxoo


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