10 ways to boost your self-confidence 🌸

10 ways to boost your self-confidence 🌸

All of us humans were wonderfully and fearfully made by our creator and each one of us are beautiful and unique in our own way, yet at times we fail to understand this and we end up questioniong and comparing ourselves with others, which in turn makes our self-confidence fall into a deep,dark pit. So here's some ways by which you can  improve your self-confidence because each and everyone of us deserve to be happy, confident and comfortable in our own skin. 

1)Get to know yourself :-

When trying to overcome a negative self image the first step is to find the main reason for having such negative thoughts. So start listening to yourself, think of all your strengths and abilities. Then start thinking about all your limitations,whether they are real limitations or just ones you've placed there by yourself artificially. Dig deeper and eventually you'll come out with greater self-confidence.

2) Groom Yourself:- 

This really is a no brainer, but its amazing how a haircut and a shower could make you feel a lot better about yourself and thus equip you to face the world with a nice and tidy look and fragrance ;-)

3)Dress Nicely:- 

Clothes play a major role in improving one's confidence. So try and wear clothes that makes you feel good as it automatically lifts your mood and you tend to feel much more confident about yourself, but do try and keep the occasion in mind because, you don't wanna end up feeling awkward and uncomfortable.

4)Set small goals and strive to achieve them:-

Most of us make the mistake of setting goals that are sky high and each time we fail to achieve them our confidence ends up falling into a crater. So start by setting small goals that you know you can achieve, this instantly boosts your level of confidence and eventually you'll be able to achieve bigger goals.

5)Think and Act positive:- 

A healthy mind leads to an healthy soul, so try and feed yourself with positive thoughts and keep the negative ones at bay, but its also important to put these thoughts into action. So start thinking and acting in a positive way and surely you'll see the difference.

6)Smile :-

Well this kind of is a continuation of my previous point but I had to stress on the this point separately as its super important. Smiling instantly makes me feel good and I also tend to be more kind to others, which in turn helps me to get along with people and this makes me feel good.

7)Exercise :-

As someone who felt super conscious of my size, exercising and burning a few calories really did help boost my confidence. Exercising not only helps in loosing weight but it also helps in keeping your mind and body healthy.

8)Prepare yourself:- 

When trying to boost your self-confidence you tend to change a lot of things about yourself so try and prepare yourself for all the changes that you might have to go through in the future. 

9)Be your own boss:-

Be your own boss and do things that you like, things that you're good at, because each time you do something that you like and succeed, even in the smallest of ways it instantly boosts your confidence and makes you feel better about yourself.

10)Be Grateful :-
Last but not the least “Be Grateful”, grateful about the things you have, that others don't. This humbling act instantly helps you feel better about various circumstances that you might go though in your life.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and hopefully this helps in boosting your self-confidence 🌸


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