Travel diary- Malaysia &Singapore πŸ–€

Travel diary- Malaysia & Singapore πŸ–€

“To travel is to live ”and keeping up with this famous tumblr quote my family and I have been travelling quite a lot this year. So here's a list of all the amazing things that we did on our  trip to Singapore and Malaysia.


We reached Malaysia on the 29th of September around 6:00 in the the morning and after waiting for what seemed like ages in the never ending immigration line we finally got out of the ginormous airport and made our way into the beautiful city of Kuala Lumpur.

Where we stayed??

We  stayed in this beautiful island resort (Avani Sepang, Gold Coast) which was roughly an hour's drive from the airport.

What we did?

Once we reached the beautiful premises of the resort, my family and I were told that we were a bit too early and had to wait for about an hour or two before we could get our room,so we headed straight to the breakfast buffet to satisfy our growling stomach's. We had a typical English breakfast with delicious crossaints,waffles and donuts admist the ethereal view of the infinity pool that stood before the vast expanse of the beautiful back waters. Once we got our villa my family and I crashed on the big fluffy bed for an hour or two before we visited the famous Friday night market to do some shopping. Though the market did not live up to my expectations, I did find some super cute clothes;)

Day -2

Day 2 was a tad bit hectic because we had to make a one day trip to Singapore via flight, but with that being said I did enjoy my trip to the beautiful city.

What we did??

The minute we landed on the the enthralling premises of the Singapore airport, we purchased the tickets for a tour bus that would show us around the city. 

Places we visited :- 

1) Singapore flyer:- The ginormous flyer gave us a phenomenal view of the city and we were so in awe of the beautiful city that we lost track of time and gave daddy dearest a mini heart attack;)

2) Marina Bay:

The scenic view from the top of the tower with the rooftop garden was simply amazing and once we had our dose of enjoying the view we took a  short stroll across the beautiful garden beside the towers.

3)Merlion Park:-

The astounding sight of the Merlion statute was a zillion times more than my imagination and after clicking a plethora of pictures we finally had a scoop of the “famous foreign ice cream”, and damn! it was AMAZING!!

After this we got on the second deck/floor of the tour bus and saw some of the famous spots of the city like the botanical gardens, malls,streets etc. and all the information about these places were given though a ear piece that was attached to the bus.

Finally around 8:00 in the night  we headed back  to the airport and boarded our flight back to Malaysia.

Day -3

The cool summer breeze called for a definite dip in the pool,so my brother and I decided to go for a swim and we also clicked some super cool pictures. 


Once we were done swimming till our heart's content we then had a quick shower, after which we cycled around the beautiful island resort. Around 1:00 in the afternoon we finally decided to visit the Capital. 

Places we visited :- 

1) Hanifa:-

The first place we visited was this departmental store called Hanifa that dealt with a variety of products like fruits,chocolates,jewellery,etc. The main purpose of our visit (which was to buy jewelry) was fullfilled in this place.

2) Petronas towers:-

The magnificent view of the beautiful twin towers that stood tall and mighty beside each other had me dumbstruck for a few seconds. But unfortunately we could not go to the top of the tower because the tickets were sold out.
Ps. I also did some shopping in the mall within the mall in the towers because the actual mall was super expensive.

3)KL Tower:- The KL tower was a few meters away  from the Petronas Towers. This place once gave us the most stupendous view of the capital.

Once we were done with our visit to the tower, we had some amazing Naan and curry for dinner and started the long journey back to the resort.

So that's everything we did on our momentary trip to Malaysia. Hope you guys enjoyed it and maybe this could of use when you guys visit these countries. Ciao!! 


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